At a glance, income, investment and wealth seem to be similar and we do not pay any particular attention to these things. However, if we analyse deeply there are some fundamental differences between these things and knowing these differences can help us better devise our financial goals in our life and thus achieve financial security.


Income is something that you earn on a regular basis from either your work or investment. If you are earning an income from a job, it is important to note that this income is a trade-off for the time you devote to that job. If you do not or cannot devote your time, you lose your income. For instance, if you become sick and are unable to work, then your income will stop. However, if you are earning an income from an investment, such as dividend from stocks, rental income from your properties, passive income from your blog and so on, you will receive an income without devoting your time. Since there is no need to swap your limited time for this income, the potential of you earning this income is technically unlimited.

Living in Australia is quite expensive and it is often challenging to manage the expenses even when you have a job. Sometimes you are earning enough to meet the expenses but you want to save some money so that you could go on a trip to Great Ocean Road or a movie with friends. Whatever the reason, you can save hundreds of dollars each year by being little bit smarter in the major things you do. Below are some of the tips I think will be useful for anyone who wants to minimise the expenses so that they can increase their savings.

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I have been watching out for investment opportunities in the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in Nepal through Share Sansar, a very useful source of information for potential investors. I would like to do a little bit of marketing here - I have enjoyed surfing through ShareSansar. Although not perfect, it has been one of the greatest source of investment information for me.

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What is negativity?

Negativity is the rumours or news about something bad happening, has happened and/or will happen.
Negativity rooted in the politics of the country is highly prevalent in Nepal. However, negativity comes from everywhere, from social events that go wrong to the celebrity scandal, to the statement of the Indian officials as well as commoners and so on. There is no limit for negativity. People living within Nepal and abroad, all gossip about the bads and wrongs. The media loves negativity.

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