About Me

I'm a blogger and prospective entrepreneur. Apart from that, I'm a hobbyist artist, writer and photographer. I too have zeal in philosophy and theoretical physics, especially the origin and the fate of the universe. I'm a curious guy and anything that deviates from normal attracts my attention! In short, I'm a wonderful person for the rational people!

This is a dream website of mine! Not only because I've got its domain name under my own name, but also because I want to make it my online journal for the rest of my life. I want to document the important events of my life and keep you informed about myself and my activities through this site while traveling through the dimensions of time and space in this earthly plane.

Below I have explained some specific purposes of this site in brief.

Pursue Entrepreneurship

Business is what I aspire to do, but in a new way which is known as entrepreneurship. The matters of business matter me. So, I want to explore this matter further. My future lies there!

I'll discuss my activities as I work out the plans and strategies to establish a business of my own. In a nutshell, I'll be evaluating my past, discussing my present and visioning my future!

Personal Expression

I will be voicing my inner thoughts in course of writing articles in this site. This site will be a platform for personal expression, and the opinions I express here will be entirely personal. All the opinions which are not mine will be cited or disclosed within the context. The articles tagged with the label "Opinion" will be my opinions on the issues of public concern. Others will be tagged under respective headings.

BBA Gossips

Since I am also a student of business administration, I want to learn more about this program for myself and provide knowledge about it to others, especially for the current and prospective BBA students. I mostly cover the BBA program in Nepal. However, I also share my creative works related to my business administration degree through this blog. Most importantly, I share my opinions about BBA. In doing so, I generally try to neutralize the hype and highlight the reality on this arena.

Tech Talk

The world of technology is not less exciting. The talks about the internet services, latest technological advancements, the world of IT gadgets like Smartphones, Smart glasses, etc. It is too fascinating to miss it. Read the articles labeled "Technology" if you are a tech savvy person.

I'll add other purposes as I discover them in course of time!

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