About Me

I'm a graduate on "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" from La Trobe University and I'm also a hobbyist artist and writer. Also, I have recently discovered that I'm a very curious and academic person who is in constant pursuit of knowledge. This blog is the journal of my random thoughts, which I hope will help me excel on the following agendas:

Pursue Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is innovative way of doing business, and I am highly fascinated with this word, which is why I pursued a degree on this very topic. On this blog, I'll be evaluating my past, discussing my present and visioning my future in the direction of corporate entrepreneurship.

Personal Expression

I will be voicing my inner thoughts in course of writing articles in this site. This site will be a platform for personal expression of my own opinions. All the opinions which are not mine will be cited or disclosed within the context.


Blog is a great way of networking with like-minded people. Therefore, I would like to use this as a platform to network with people who have similar interests to mine. So, if you think you would like to network me do not hesitate to ping me on one of the social networks with a message and we can catch up with the conversation that you would like to have with me.

Hope I'll be able to better define myself through self-exploration.

Thanks You.

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