As a BBA graduate with time-tested experience in the field of writing, I would like to offer you to help with a few things, I have gained expertise at:

  1. Business Plan Writing
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Research and Report Writing

1. Business Plan Writing

For anyone who wants to start a new business or expand an existing business, a robust business plan is a must. This is where my role comes in. I have already written successful business plans for my several clients and I can also help you in the same way. Please mail me the business concept at my email, so that we can get started. I will quote you my fees after knowing about the specific requirements of your business plan. Once we reach an agreement, I will get started and you will get a solid business plan written for your business.

2. Resume Writing

Resumes are a pathway to your new employment. Wherever you apply for a job, you need to submit a well-drafted and updated resume along with a cover letter. Moreover, with each type of job application there are certain experiences and qualifications that need to be highlighted and some others that need to be omitted. But don't bother too much, because I can handle all this for you. I will charge you money based upon how much time I need to spend working on your resume. So, don't hesitate to ask for a quote.

3. Research and Report Writing

Research is the life-blood of modern economy and is crucial even just to decide what to do. Then there's how to do; when to do; where to do; and so on. My specialization is on social science researches, and mostly the applied research rather than pure theoretical research. Applied research is based upon solving a problem, which is known as the research problem; the objectives are laid out in advance to project what to achieve. The existing literature is thoroughly reviewed in order to find out whether the solution already exists. If not, then a research methodology is devised, data is collected, analysed and presented with statistical tools (charts, graphs, and so on). Based upon the analysis, summary is written, conclusion is drawn and recommendation is made.

I can help you in any or all of these stages if you tell me your specific requirements.

Have a good day with your business!


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